Spiritual Service - Panania

4th Friday of the Month
7.30pm – 9.30pm

Not Held in January

Check December date (held before the 4th Friday) 

This is a gathering of like minded people coming together to enjoy music,
song, love and what spirit brings forth in the form of healing and demonstrations for you.

Our services are conducted following a certain protocol and structure. It should be noted that each service may vary to reflect the individuality of the clairvoyant mediums.

The Service is opened with a hymn followed by a prayer. The body of the service will include a reading of inspirational material, an address by the clairvoyant medium, a healing meditation and a demonstration in clairvoyance and mediumship.

Hymns are sung throughout the service and are extremely important as singing assists in raising the energy.

We have changed the format and now request that you bring along a flower picked by yourself in a PAPER (not plastic) bag.


The demonstration will be based on the flower you bring with you.

Therefore, if you wish to receive a message, please bring your flower.


No guarantee that everyone will receive.


The service is closed with a prayer.

Reading Days

Reading days are held to enable you to receive a reading from one of our mediums, and also to help raise important funds, which enables the centre to continue providing its  charitable services.

Other Services

White Owl Spiritual Centre is available for other personalised services such as Spiritual Naming, Christenings, Weddings, Funerals and Dedications. Please contact us for further information regarding these services.

Join us for a Spiritual Service in an open and loving forum.

You will be asked to sing to raise the vibration, there will be an address, healing and demonstration of mediumship.

Come along and unite in friendship and love for humanity!

Evening of Meditation

Do you want to try meditation before committing your time on a regular basis?

Come and join Christina who are experienced teacher, medium and healer on the frist and third Monday of each month for an evening of meditation.. Explore and learn about your inner self.  

This is an evening of meditation to decrease your stress and increase your inner strength.

$25.00 per session.

To Be advised

Please arrive before 7.00pm as the doors will be closed at 7.00pm sharp to commence the meditation.

Christina 0412 624 535

Spiritual Healings

Healing is available at church services and a healing book is provided where names can be entered and absent healing performed during the service.

where like minded people come together