Messages of Trance

Extracts from Church Services


I am here to talk to you about the light, love and peace. But in order to find these things you must know yourself.


You must know and understand the truth inside you. You must believe in who you are.


There are many times you will face the challenges, some successful, some not so. But you are the challis of the light, you are the cup of the light and everything you fill yourself up with needs to be of the light. Once you fill yourself up it allows you to see clearly your world, your existence and your lives.


Many of you are worried about what your future holds. There are many scare tactics to keep you under control. This is not important. Once you fill yourself up with the light you shall understand that all this chaos shall dissipate. You will find clarity in all things.


It is easy for me to say for I live in the spirit realms, but I have walked these paths as a human soul many times and I must tell you that it is very important for you to pause, take heed, relax and understand what those feelings are. Are they yours? For most of you are sponges for your environment.


You have forgotten to live the freedom that once was peace on mother earth. Instead you watch your box of colour as it moves in front of you.


It is time for you to go outside and feel the wind in your face. Feel the strength of that wind as it moves through you and takes away what angers you. Feel the sun on your face and absorb it into you for the sun gives you strength. Feel the rain and dance in it for as the rain touches you it allows you to feel the stillness in your emotions and in your heart. Feel the earth beneath your feet for she helps keep you safe.


Understand my dear friends you have everything around you, but you are walking with blinkers on.  If you have faith you will always land on your feet. If you have trust first you must have peace in your hearts because with peace comes clarity, with peace comes stability.


You have the ability to find peace and understanding in all the realms of life and your existence.


It is not your beginning, it is not your end, it is just your journey.


How do you wish to take that journey?


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