Orbs and Spirit signs in Vanuatu





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Orbs Appear before Cyclone Evan "FIJI"



Koalas In Adelaide

Thank you Milton and Jen for sharing.


We looked after a very exhausted Sam who spent the heatwave on his bottom at the base of a tree with his arms hugging the trunk while he slept in the lee of the tree where it was shaded all day. We collected gum leaves for Sam and fed him each morning and night.  He frequently drank the fresh water in the bucket beside him. He also drank from our pond returning to his spot to rest.  Sam survived the heatwave, and left our property when the weather broke.



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another journey with spirit

This experience was just another confirmation that we are not alone. When spirit make themselves known, there can be no doubt.

Top photos of Geoff and myself having fun and it was so much of shock to the guy (aussie) who took this photo. Another photo was a must because he just could not believe, how, as he said "it swooped in".


Bottom photos: Watching traditional ceremonies and the orbs just kept showing up. 


These indigenous people are so spiritual and it was just so beautiful watching them.






red nose day

We love supporting worthwhile causes and this was just one of many White Owl contributes to throughout the year. Thank you to the congregation for making this night a very special one for without you and your presence we could not help those in need.








we all felt spirit with us

This is an experience Geoff and I will not ever forget. We came together to do a blessing for the island and its people and for the first time we had Orbs appearing everywhere. This is a few of many photos taken.

It was still a tense time, but one we where meant to experience.


Blessings go to all those on the island, special people that we were greatful to meet. They know who they are.







(pic. right)The story with Sam the Koala with Milton sitting behind, is that he arrived for the

heatwave in 2009 (12 days over 35 degrees, some days went to 44). 


(pic. left).... this is a rare event, two koalas together in our yard and with Milton in the background.



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